off to a flying start

Creating opportunities is the best way to keep busy in these difficult times.  Our development team is making great progress in doing just that.  

MayOne is working within a team of property and finance professionals to provide tailor-made development expertise, from site-finding through to construction, occupancy and that crucial exit strategy.  We are currently engaged with organisations including hotel and apart-hotel operators and primary care providers in helping to develop their businesses.  We are actively looking at opportunities across the UK.

Site finding in its broad sense is easy enough.  Anyone can have a quick browse through Estates Gazette.  What we do is spend time filtering through sites and carrying out our own in-house appraisal before we link land to clients.  No one can afford to waste time or money these days.  That’s why we are happy to make sure that whatever we look at has real potential.  Plus, our network gives us access to sites off-market, to keep things streamlined.

We look forward to reporting on progress soon.  And if you have a site or a development need that we might be able to help with, we’d be pleased to talk to you about who we are and what we can do.


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