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Meeting with HRH on community enterprise project study visit

MayOne has been pleased to support efforts to create a new visual arts hub in North Yorkshire, with Philip Harvey, director at MayOne, also being a member of the social enterprise’s board.  The project centres around the creation of a new facility that will draw together artists, performers, business and the community and offer a range of activities including performance and rehearsal space, food and drink, start-up support and multi-purpose community space.  The project is one of a number of social enterprises that MayOne is involved with.

Though in its early stages, the project has already attracted funding from Plunkett Foundation and the Charity Bank, providing the opportunity to develop a business plan and engage in market research and feasibility work.

Through the association with Plunkett Foundation, we were recently invited to visit the George & Dragon community pub near Richmond, North Yorkshire.  The visit provided an invaluable opportunity to learn from the social enterprise team who bought the pub and turned it into a thriving and valued community asset, working with various supporters and stakeholders including the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Thanks to their involvement in the project, our visit was complimented by a private meeting and opportunity to talk about our project with HRH Prince Charles who was visiting the George & Dragon as part of a tour of the district.


Pleased to be supporting a new social enterprise project

Philip Harvey has joined efforts to bring a former public house back into use as a new community based visual and performing arts venue.  As a director of the company set up to help move the project forward, Philip is looking forward to assisting in developing a business case and proposals for the project, located at a gateway riverside location in a North Yorkshire market town.

The idea was the brainchild of Rachel Auty, also a director of MyYorkshireLass, and so far there have been many offers of support.  Initial funding and business planning advice have been secured to assist in the business case development.  There is lots to do and the plans are in their early stages but the project offers an exciting and challenging opportunity to create a vibrant and valuable community asset.  More soon.

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Role in new advisory group

I was very pleased to be asked recently to join a new advisory group looking at residential rehabilitation for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.
The invitation to contribute to the group followed MayOne’s appointment by a new social enterprise to develop the concept design for a new centre of excellence for the delivery of residential rehabilitation care and assist in site identification and delivery.
The brief was to assist the project leaders in identifying how the new facility would look, feel and operate. The overarching ethos was that the building itself would work as part of the therapeutic process and facilitate the everyday interactions between its users that form the basis of recovery and re-entry into ‘normal life’.
As these proposals progress, the role of the newly formed advisory group is to establish the commissioning and service delivery objectives that the new facility will respond to and look at wider issues in the city concerned. The group comprises a broad range of people, representing clinicians, commissioning bodies, the criminal justice system, the third sector and property development.

Phil Harvey, Director

hello and welcome

Welcome to may/one and my new blog.

Having recently emerged from a founding directorship at an award winning architectural practice, I am now working independently as may/one.  If you want to know how I arrived at the name, we’ll have to go for a coffee so I can explain properly.

My focus is on things architectural, but I am also be working on other design and consultancy projects – you can visit my design blog at, too.

Thanks for calling by.  I hope you’ll come back as the blog grows.  And if there is anything I might be able to help you with, or collaborate on, let me know at


Philip Harvey

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